Building an online presence requires both skill and the right tools. You do not have to be computer savvy to be able to navigate the internet as a pro. I am therefore recommending Four MUST have tools - The 3-6-9 Financial Transformation MovementMy Empire Pro, Pure Leverage and  Leads Generating System. These tools are like pillars that hold and sustain your Primary Home Biz. The Tax advantages of owning a home BIZ are enormous.
  • The 3-6-9 Movement  teaches the basics behind wealth management and transformation. It reveals the secrets of the rich - minimizing taxes and investing in yourself.
  • MyEmpirePro - equips  you with a new mindset for leveraging the internet and becoming a high income earner using modern marketing strategies and not chasing after your friends or relatives.
  • Pure Leverage - the tool to communicate with people - it is better to spend one minute each with 100 people than to spend 100 min. with one person.
  • Lead Generating system - the backbone and numbers game that strategically targets your warm market.
It is not necessary to start with all Four Pillars. Start with one or two to build you financial base.

SELF EVALUATION - How do you rank?
  • It is estimated that in order to be able to retire and maintain the same standard of living as your working years, you must have 10x your annual  income in savings or retirement account.
  • In order to survive the uncertainty of the global economic system, you must have at least six months savings in an emergency fund.
  • Do you have a plan B for economic survival in case of an emergency?
  • What is your plan and strategy to GET OUT OF DEBT in one year or less?

Apart from these Four Pillars and Self evaluation, it is strongly recommended that in order to fulfill the mandate of what we were created to accomplish on earth, we must maintain good and healthy habits so that we are not debilitated by preventable diseases. Strive to maintain good eating habits and exercise. Juice Plus is a whole food -fruits and veggies in capsule, chew-able tablet or drink mix  to help you get started in your health journey. 

Your's in Prosperity, Wellness and a better tomorrow,


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