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Dedicate to Wellness & Chronic Disease Prevention Through Relationship Marketing

I am passionate about good health and disease prevention.
With my background in Pharmacology, Pharmacy, and training as a Wellness Consultant from Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, you are in good hands when it comes to wellness and disease prevention.

WE are set to start:
  • Online webinars that you can watch at any time, at your own convenience
  • Face to face workshops
On our website are bizz opps through relationship marketing as it pertains to this industry so you might see some products and/or discussions related to that.

Looking forward to serving YOU.

FOCUS - This Website is for you if:
  • You are tired of failed diets and looking for the 'show me science' approach to good health.
  • You have children and you want to give them a legacy of life - good health.
  • You are a caretaker and want to provide food as Medicine.
  • You are looking to touch others with the message of good health - one person/family at a time
Dan O. Ngur. B.Sc Pharm. PhD Pharmacol
Author, Pharmacist, Minister, Entrepreneur
Certified Dr Sears Wellness Consultant

"Beloved I wish above all that you may prosper and be in Health even as your soul prospers".          
On March 23, 2012 , the President,  Barack Obama, signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). This is the fourth healthcare legislation since 1965.  In 1973 the HMO Act was passed to develop novel healthcare delivery to promote preventive care, encourage lifestyle choices and broaden affordable healthcare choices. At that time, healthcare consumed approximately 7% of the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP),  a rate considered unsustainable.

However, despite the the cost utilization controls, Americans continue to be the leading consumers of Pharmaceuticals. By 2010. healthcare expenditures consumed 17% of the GDP. The debate leading to the passage of the PPACA was stormy and divided along party lines, but the congress narrowly passed the act in December of 2009.  However, the controversy over the cost, benefits and implementation still remains.

The PPCA will not reduce health care cost, premiums and cost share to patients. Employers pass on the higher cost and ask employees to seek alternatives (generics) wherever possible, Incentive are been given to those who are healthy without pre-existing conditions.

Billions of Dollars are spent yearly for disease management, however the prevalence of diseases, the evolution of resistant bugs, and lack of essential drugs should be a major concern to many of us. For the first time in decades it is documented that the generation that is being raised now will have a shorter life span than their parents.

The Logical answer is disease prevention. We extend our coaching services to:
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Churches /Synagogues 
  • Healthcare/Insurances
  • Fitness groups
  • Non Profit organisations and schools.

We address concerns such as:
  • Childhood Obesity
  • Family Needs, etc.

The eight basic habits to wellness and disease prevention are presented. 4 Physical & 4 Spiritual
Physical - Adequate Hydration with Living (Alkaline) water. Raw fruits and vegetables, Regular physical exercise and whole foods. Spiritual - Conflict free living, Adequate sleep/rest, Anointing oils and Daily Communion and Intimacy with The Healer. CONTACT US TODAY.

Fullness of Life LLC.

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